Mosaics by Renu

Top Mosaic Artists in Gurgaon

Intricately hand crafted mosaics will surely add another dimension to your wall.

Mosaics - A painstakingly long process of assembling small pieces of glass, tiles etc. to form an artwork that is beautiful and a piece of joy!

Mosaics find an interesting application in the interiors of a place and can enhance the ambience by adding a dash of color to it.

One could go for a mosaic table top or just a wall d├ęcor that would catch your attention. Mosaic murals find application in architectural installations as well wherein one single large wall could be covered in theme based mosaics to tell a story about the place.

The Process

As an artist, I like to create mosaics and stained glass art that the clients can cherish for a very long time. I like to combine my own creativity with the requirement of the client. After understanding their specific need , I provide them with a rough sketch of the proposed design. Once approved, I go ahead with the actual creation of the mosaic or stained glass. While creating mosaics, I work with different colored glasses, where each and every piece is carefully handcut.

I have created mosaics for clients in major cities of India like New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai, Madurai and Mumbai.

Artistic Wall Murals

The artist has been involved in visualizing and executing
large scale mosaic wall murals for clients in public places as well as private residences.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation ( DMRC)